TQ44 heavy uncoiling leveling and shearing production line

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    TQ44 heavy uncoiling leveling and shearing production line




    项 目 Prouject 单位 Unit 可选择范围
    The range to choose from
    加工板厚 Thickness of the board mm 4-16、5-20、6-25、8-30
    标准板宽 The width of the standard board mm 2000、2200、2500、3000
    开卷要承重 Weight the unrolling machine bearing t 20、30、45
    校平精度 Precision of the leveler mm/m2 1.5、2.0
    定尺精度 Precision of the plate length after shearing mm ±10
    机组最高线速度 The supreme linear velocity of aircren m/min 6、10、15、18
    机组总功率 The total power of the alrcrew kw 160-420



    This line is the advanced one of unrolling and leveling product line for normal boards . Since the steel plant contnues put out thicker and wider steel products , our company specially design and produce this series of line in order to sever the need of unrolling and leveling those boards . We can also revose our design according to the requirement of the customer . The pressing and guiding system is made up from welded steels . It is equipped with strong shovel , hydraulic moveable straight arm , pressing-and-guiding rubber roller , big leveling and shearing machines , The line is used to level and cut really thick coiled metal boards . If equipped with edge-cutting maching in both sides and edge-folding machine , four-edge-cut steel blocks in high quality can be producted .